Press Release

ClassNK releases “ClassNK Technical Journal”
-Introducing efforts toward the safe operation of container ships-

26 July 2023

Tokyo - ClassNK has released the latest "ClassNK Technical Journal”, which has been published for contributing to the advancement of technology and society through the outcome of R&D and technical activities.

The latest issue, “ClassNK Technical Journal No.7 2023 (I)” focuses on efforts toward the safe operation of progressively larger container ships. It provides an overview of structural rules applied to container vessels and related guidelines*1, as well as operational guidance for preventing parametric rolling.

In addition, it also includes articles on evaluation results and countermeasures for damage of SOx scrubber discharge water lines, update of wave statistics standards for classification rules, studies on in-engine combustion of low and zero-carbon fuels, and recent topics discussed at IMO.

ClassNK Technical Journals are available to download via ClassNK’s website.

*1 “Guidelines for container stowage and securing arrangements”, “Guidelines on preventive measures against parametric rolling”, “Guidelines for additional fire-fighting measures for container carriers”.

ClassNK - EOD