Press Release

ClassNK releases "Guidelines for Electronic Logbooks"

18 May 2023

Tokyo - ClassNK has released "Guidelines for Electronic Logbooks". The guidelines specify basic requirements for approving electronic logbooks used on ships.

The electronic logbooks for decks, machinery, etc., are expected to become more widespread because of the benefits of reducing the workload on crews for recording tasks, improving accuracy, and transitioning to a paperless system. Meanwhile, under the current conventional framework, only logbooks required by MARPOL have their electronic media specifications defined. Unified requirements for electronic logbooks in other areas, such as the deck, have not yet been established. Therefore, the use of electronic logbooks for such purposes requires individual approval from flag state governments.

ClassNK has developed these guidelines to contribute to the expansion of the safe and effective use of electronic logbooks for any purpose on ships. The guidelines specify technical and operational requirements for the approval of electronic logbooks, as well as product testing, drawing on existing IMO guidelines and international standards on the functional requirements of electronic logbooks. ClassNK will proceed with the approval of products based on these guidelines in order to support shipping companies in selecting electronic logbooks and obtaining the smooth approval from flag state governments.

The guidelines are available to download via “Guidelines” of My Page on ClassNK’s website after registration.

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