Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (ISO 39001)

ClassNK offers certification services for Road Traffic Safety Management Systems in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 39001 standard.

ISO39001 aims for a society free of serious injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic accidents. It is said that over 1,300,000 people are killed and over 50,000,000 are seriously injured annually in traffic accidents around the world. This has generated much interest internationally in searching for new ways to improve road traffic safety. With this in mind, the most reliable set of minimum requirements for road traffic safety that world has seen to date was published as ISO 39001 in October of 2012.


Target Organizations

Road Traffic Safety Management is something relevant to all organizations, regardless of business type or scale.

  • Organizations using motor vehicles (trucks) for transporting goods or providing business services
  • Organizations involved in the transporting of goods or passengers (i.e. truck, bus, taxi companies)
  • Organizations involved in establishing Road Traffic Safety laws (i.e. governments, local public organizations)
  • Organizations involved in the designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and inspecting of motor vehicles (i.e. Automobile manufactures)
  • Organizations and businesses having parking facilities (i.e. supermarket, parking management companies)
  • Organizations involved in the designing, building, operating and maintaining of roads (i.e. Road authorities)
  • Organizations involved in providing emergency medical care (i.e. emergency medical centers, hospitals)

Benefits of ISO 39001 Certification

  1. Improves company’s brand value and image.
  2. Reduces safety measure costs.
  3. Creates a sustainable business structure.
  4. Leads to fewer traffic accident fatalities and serious injuries.
  5. Provides opportunity for establishing Road Traffic Safety Management System and helps in setting goals.

ISO39001Certification Sticker

For customers who get ISO39001 certification from ClassNK, we will give ISO39001 Certification Stickers free of charge. Customers could put the stickers on their buses, trucks and taxes, which appeal their companies.

ISO39001 seminar

For organizations which plan to get ISO39001 certification, we will hold ISO39001 seminars.
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