Technical News

New versions (Ver. 4.0.0) of Structural Calculation Software for IACS CSR BC&OT are now available.

Please be advised that the latest versions (Version 4.0.0) of “PrimeShip-HULL(HCSR)”, the structural calculation software for the IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR BC&OT), is now available. Version 4.0.0 features the following improvements:

  • The software has been updated to take into account URCN 1 (Urgent Rule Change Notice 1 to 01 JAN 2015) and a function for automatically changing the rules being applied has been added;
  • The time needed for prescriptive calculations has been reduced;
  • A function has been added to the prescriptive calculation software for automatically acquiring longitudinal information from interrelated cross section data when performing evaluations using 2D dimensional cross section data;
  • The data linkage function between NAPA Steel and the prescriptive calculation software has been enhanced;
  • The reporting function has been improved by enhancing the detailed settings of outputted images, enhancing display information, and by adding a preview function; and
  • The display function for proposing structural reinforcement in the design support function for buckling has been also improved in the direct strength assessment software.

For further details, please refer to the CSR BC&OT Software Homepage.

The new versions released at this time are as follows:
  • PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/Harmonised CSR [Rule Calculation] Ver. 4.0.0
  • PrimeShip-HULL(DSA)/Harmonised CSR [Direct Strength Calculation for HyperWorks] Ver. 4.0.0

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