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New Version of “PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers” Now Available

Please be advised that the latest version of the "PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers" software for the structural strength requirements of container carriers (Chapter 32, Part C of the Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships), is now available. "PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers" consists of prescriptive calculation software and direct strength assessment software. This latest version features the following improvements:

*Prescriptive calculation software (Latest version: Ver.1.0.0)
  • This software is the successor to "PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/S11A", which was released on 8 January 2016 to correspond with IACS Unified Requirement S11A ( "Longitudinal Strength Standard for Container Ships").
  • This software includes a new modeling function for transverse members, and also makes it possible for users to perform local strength and fatigue strength assessments, etc. in addition to longitudinal strength assessments for container carriers.

*Direct strength assessment software (Latest version: Ver.2.0.0 for HyperWorks)
  • A new function allows users to carry out the torsional strength assessments now required for container carriers by recent amendments (include amendments officially released in June 2017) to Part C of the Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships.
  • In addition to the yield and buckling strength assessments required for hold analysis, torsional strength assessments which take into account hull girder loads using either the direct method or the superimposition method can now be performed for full ship floor-sized and longitudinal-sized FE models of container carriers.

For further details, please refer to the PrimeShip-HULL for Container Carriers homepage.

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