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Notice: [Starting on January 30, 2022] ClassNK Digitization of documents on surveys/audits
-Application for surveys and audits through “e-Application”-

  • Aimed at the ships and companies of flag states that authorize electronic certificates
    Refer to: List of Flag States which authorize issuance of e-certificates
  • Certificates that are available with ClassNK e-Certificate can be replaced with paper certificates, however, an extra about 6 USD (per certificate, before tax) will be charged in addition to the usual fee, but the extra fee / currency is different from countries. (After the 30th of January, 2022)
  • Applicable certificates are as follows:
    Refer to:ClassNK e-Certificate
  • The paper certificates that are currently available will still be valid until the expiration date. Certificates issued after the 30th of January, 2022 will be electronic.
2. Survey/Audit RecordsClass/Statutory Survey Record and ISM/ISPS Audit Record, MLC Inspection Record(including company audit)

Contact Details
For any inquiries and consultation about ClassNK digitization of documents on surveys/audits, please contact:

Information Technology Department


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