Press Release

ClassNK certifies CO2 emissions reductions of green-steel

14 September 2023

Tokyo - ClassNK has conducted third-party certification for the CO2 emissions reductions of “JGreeXTM”, green-steel products provided by JFE Steel Corporation.

For each JGreeX™ product, JFE Steel uses the mass balance approach to determine the level of CO2 emissions reductions. Under this approach, the environmental values of CO2 emissions reductions across entire manufacturing processes are aggregated to any products considered to have low CO2 emissions intensity. This is expected to contribute to the decarbonization of society by accelerating CO2 emissions reduction across its entire supply chain.

ClassNK conducted a conformity assessment of the calculation report, prepared by JFE Steel, related to CO2 emissions reductions associated with JGreeXTM products. This assessment was done in accordance with ISO 14064 and relevant standards. Upon confirming the calculation report’s compliance , ClassNK issued a conformity assessment statement to this effect. ClassNK will continue its involvement in third-party certification related to the proper management of JGreeX™ as green-steel products.

In anticipation of the growth in manufacturing and utilization of green-steel products, ClassNK will strengthen relevant certification services in addition to the third-party certification for CO2 emissions reductions conducted this time, and strive to contribute to proactive efforts toward decarbonization.

Handover ceremony of conformity assessment statement

From left:
Mr. Hayato Suga, Executive Vice President, ClassNK
Mr. Takeshi Asahina, Vice President, JFE Steel Corporation

ClassNK - EOD