Circulars issued by Flag States

Antigua and Barbuda


BMA.B4 Rev.06 Incident Reporting Procedures
BMA.B8 Rev.04 Applications for Exemptions, Extensions, and/or Equivalence to Internal Convention Requirements
BMA.B21-12/01 Amended Merchant Shipping Legislation And Revised Officer’s Guide To Merchant Shipping Legislation
BMA.B23 Rev.05 International Safety Management (ISM) Code
BMA.B66 Rev.03 Bahamas Initial and Annual Inspections
BMA.B72 Rev.01 Enhancing Lifeboat Safety during Abandon Ship Drills
BMA.B85 Rev.04 Port State Control Inspection Management
BMA.B87 Rev.05 Safety of Survival Craft On-load Release Gear and Launching Appliances
BMA.B96 Rev.01 Maintaining Passenger Ships Watertight Doors Open During Navigation
BMA.B101 Rev.03 Application of Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Requirements
BMA.B118 Rev.03 Security Training, Instruction and Certification
BMA.B120 Rev.03 Action to be taken concerning Port State or Flag State Detention
BMA.B122 Rev.01 Policy, Practice and Procedures for Lay Up of a Bahamas Registered Vessel
BMA.B136 Rev.00 Enhanced Monitoring Programme
BMA.B137 Rev.01 Bahamas Online Registration Information System (BORIS): Seafarer Applications
BMA.B138 Rev.01 Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Training Requirements
BMA.B151 Rev.00 Safety Familiarization and Basic Training, Instruction and Certification
BMA.B152 Rev.00 BMA Publications
BNR Rev.04 The Bahamas National RequirmentsUPDATE!
Technical Alert No.15-09 Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs)NEW
Form R104 Registration of Managing Owners-Version 1.5
Form T03 rev 01 Notification of Changes to


Circular 2005/003/1.3 ISM - Flagstate procedures
Circular 2008/002/2.7 Notification of incidents to the flagstate
Circular 2010/003/1.1 ISM - Flagstate procedures
Circular 2010/005/2.0 ISM and ISPS - Flagstate procedures
Circular 2011/001/1.1 Minimum Safe Manning
BMI/Version 2.5 Summary of valid circulars BMI
E-mail 6 March 2014 ISM and ISPS reporting to Belgian Flagstate




Cayman Islands

Cook Islands






Hong Kong

Declaration Forms

28 Dec.2012 the Company-as of 28 Dec.2012
28 Dec.2012 DPA-as of 28 Dec.2012
28 Dec.2012 CSO-as of 28 Dec.2012

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

July 2014 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) on ISM Section

Circular Letter

29 Nov 2007 GMDSS Radio Installations Operation and Maintenance
25 Jul 2008 PSC Detainable Deficiency related to Seafarer's Certificates
7 Jan 2009 Electronic Nautical Publications Used on Board HK Registered Ships
25 Aug 2010 PSC Inspection on Hours of Work/Rest
20 Apr 2011 Some Frequently Asked Technical Information / Requirements for Hong Kong Registered Cargo Ships
20 Dec 2011 Security and Quality Advisory No.23 Establishment of Quality Assurance System in the Ship Management Company
15 May 2012 Guidance to the RO for Verification of in-house Quality Assurance System
18 Jun 2012 Port State Control Inspections
6 Jul 2012 Security and Quality Advisory No. 26 Establishment of Quality Assurance System in the Ship Management Company – Checklist
14 Aug 2012 Mandatory Carriage and Training Requirements for Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
30 Aug 2012 Erratum to Circular letter dated 14 August 2012 Mandatory Carriage and Training Requirements for Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
20 Sep 2012 Security and Quality Advisory No. 29 Establishment of Quality Assurance System in the Ship Management Company – FAQ
17 Oct 2012 Quality Assurance System Guidance Notes for Recognized Organization
23 Nov 2012 Updated Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
27 Mar 2013 Security and Quality Advisory No. 32 Amendment to Security and Quality Advisory No.23
28 Jun 2013 Security and Quality Advisory No.34 Extension of Interim ISSC and SMC
15 Jul 2013 Audit of ISM Activities Performed in Places other than the Company Address Registered in DOC
10 Oct. 2013 Duty to Report on Change of Ship Management
27 Dec 2013 International Safety Management (ISM) Code Transfer of Ship management of vessels
4 Aug 2014 Types of Ships listed on the DOC

Merchant Shipping Information Note

No.52/2007 IMO Circulars related to the Implementation of ISM Code
No.34/2009 ISM Code
No.36/2009 Contact Point After Office Hours.
No.30/2010 Safe Loading of ''iron-ore-fines'' cargo in bulk
No.10/2011 Application for the issue of Hong Kong Licenses via Electronic Business System
No.34/2013 &
Annex II
Hong Kong requirements on certificates, documents and publications that are required or recommended to be carried on board including
Annex II - replacement for No.49/2011
No.2/2012 Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships
No.6/2012 Issue of Bunker Certificates to Ships that are also Required to Hold a CLC Certificate
No.82/2012 Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
No.28/2013 Maintenance of Shipboard Passenger Lifts
Annex I & II
Port State Control
Annex I - Port State Inspection Check List
Annex II - Detainable Deficiencies (Examples) Frequently Found on Hong Kong Registered Ships during PSC inspections

Merchant Shipping (Seafarers) (Medical Stores) Regulation Scales

Version date 30/06/1997


Isle of Man




Circular CAM 05/2014 SeaSafe© Program



Marshall IslandsUPDATE!

Marine Notice No.1-000-3 Rev.1/15 Requirements on Carriage of Publications On Board ShipsUPDATE!
Marine Notice No.1-000-4 Rev.11/13 Maritime Administrator Policy, Goals and Measures Used toward the effective and efficient Implementation of Mandatory IMO Instruments in accordance with the Republic of the Marshall Islands Statement of Policy for Marshall Islands Maritime Program
Marine Notice No.2-011-13 Rev.1/15 ISM CodeUPDATE!
Marine Notice No.2-011-29 Rev.2/09 The Role of Recognized Organizations (ROs) in Ensuring Compliance with IMO Mandatory Instruments and National Regulations
Marine Notice No.2-011-38 Rev.7/14 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Ships Carrying Oil or Oil Fuel
Marine Notice No.2-011-40 Rev.11/13 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm Systems
Marine Notice No.2-013-5 Rev.8/13 MARPOL Annex V-Prevention of Garbage Pollution from Ships
Marine Notice No.2-013-10 Rev.11/14 Implementation of MARPOL Annex I, Chapter 8 – Prevention of Pollution During Transfer of Oil Cargo Between Oil Tankers at Sea
Marine Notice No.5-034-3 Rev.8/06 Operational/Safty Checklist for SOLAS 74/78 Requiremnts
Marine Notice No.7-038-4 Rev.11/13 Principle of Watchkeeping
Marine Notice No.7-041-1 Rev.1/15 Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships - Safety PrecautionsUPDATE!
Marine Notice No.7-041-6 Rev.1/15 Nautical Chart and Publication Carriage and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Requirements.UPDATE!
Marine Notice No.7-042-1 Rev.11/13 Medical Care on board Ship and Ashore: Medical Chest, Recordkeeping and Responsibilities and Training for Medical Care
Marine Notice No.7-047-1 Rev.2/12 Seafarer Certification, Training and Watchkeeping
Marine Guideline No.1-109-1 Rev.5/13 Electronic Documents and Certificates
Marine Guideline No.2-11-2 Rev.10/06 Bulk Carriers – Guidelines on Early Assessment of Hull Damage
Marine Guideline No.2-13-3 Rev.4/11 Oil Record Book Guidelines
Marine Guideline No.5-34-2 10/06 Guidelines for Undergoing a Port State Control Inspecion
Marine Guideline No.7-41-3 Rev.8/12 Guidelines for Voyage Planning.
Marine Safety Advisory No.60-14 Lifeboat Engine Starting in Cold Weather
Marine Safety Advisory No.#31-09 Information Regarding New SOLAS Regulation VI/5-1 - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) When Carrying Oil or Oil Fuel





Portugal (Madeira)


Sri Lanka

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Vincent and the GrenadinesUPDATE!

Circular No FSI 001 Rev.1 Annual Flag State InspectionsNEW
Circular No FSI 004 Monitoring Rectifications of Deficiencies Reported during an Annual Flag State InspectionNEW
Circular No.GEN 001 Rev.1 Application for an Exemption or Extension to an International Requirement
Circular No.GEN 003 Lay-up and Re-commissioning GuidanceNEW
Circular No.GEN 006 Rev.3 Publications required on St. Vincent and the Grenadines Vessels
Circular No.ISM 008 Rev.1 Change of Flag and ISM and ISPS Codes CertificationUPDATE!
Circular No.ISM 009 Internal Safety Audits in accordance with the ISM Code (ISM Code Clause 12.1)NEW
Circular No.ISM 010 Change of Company’s Name and/or AddressNEW
Circular No.PSC 001 Rev.3 Surveys upon detention by PSC
Circular No.PSC 016 Unavailability of STCW Endorsement

Circular No.PSC 018 Rev.1

Instructions to RO to enhance Flag State Control
Circular No.PSC 022 Alleged Contravention / Violation of the Discharge Provision of Annex I to MARPOL 73/78 – ART 6.4NEW
Circular No.PSC 032 Actions to be taken in view of PSC Inspections
Circular No.REG 001 Rev1 Additional procedure for registration and change of Flag surveys
Circular No.SOL 007 Rev.3 Electronic Chart Display and Information and Back-up Arrangements
Circular No.SOL 008 Digital Publications and Back-up Arrangements
Circular No.SOL 029 Rev.1 Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
Circular No.SOL 045 Revised ISM Code 2010 – Requirements as from 1st July 2010 – Emphasis on the Risk Assessment Process
Circular No.SOL 052 Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces on board Ships
Circular No.SOL 059 Emergency Training and Drills
Circular No.17 (GMDSS) Radio Log Books
  Application Form for Interim SMC Extension



Regulations Regulations on Implementation of ISM Code
B.02.1.DNM- Training of Staffs
B.02.1.DNM/ Detention of Turkish Flag Vessels
B.02.1.DNM/ Flag State Inspections
B.02.1.DNM/ ISM Code - DPA criteria

United Kingdom