Main Services


ClassNK offers a broad range of services that encompass every aspect of ship classification from the approval of vessel and machinery plans to the survey and registration of the ship and ship installations, approval of materials, equipment and outfitting gear, as well as the assessment and registration of ship safety management systems and security systems.

Certification of Management Systems under ISO

Class NK has long undertaken the audits at shipyards, manufacturers, ship management companies etc., (organizations) for the management systems established, implemented and maintained by them. Once the audits at the organizations have been completed to the satisfaction of ClassNK, the organizations are registered in the Register of the Society as the organizations having established, implemented and maintained the quality management systems as specified in ISO 9001, with the environmental management systems as specified in ISO 14001 and/or with the occupational health and safety management systems as specified in ISO 45001 respectively, and are issued with the respective certificates of registration from the Society. The Register is published and is available to the public.


ClassNK also offers a variety of consulting and support services based on the technical expertise we have developed over more than a century of classification experience. In addition to shipping related services including technical consulting, appraisal and certification of ships and offshore structures, the Society is providing a broad range of services surpassing maritime industry related fields for items such as boilers, pressurized containers and others used in general industrial activities.


ClassNK makes its extensive experience, expertise, and technical knowledge available to the entire maritime community via a number of different educational and training programs. These include training programs carried out at the request of the Japanese government and other flag and port administrations, as well technical seminars and the ClassNK Academy Program of courses. ClassNK is constantly expanding its educational and training activities for a broad spectrum of people, from those new to the industry to specialized experts, as part of its efforts to further contribute to the growth and development of the maritime community.


ClassNK is actively taking part in the important maritime associations around the globe such as the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), and greatly contributes to the formulation of rules and regulations known as “Unified Requirements” (UR). ClassNK also dispatches a great number of experts to all the meetings of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as representatives of the IACS or the Japanese government. Additionally, ClassNK has established committees all around the world, contributing to the development of local maritime activities. Furthermore, the Society is conducting its global by taking part in many international maritime exhibition and conferences held throughout the world.

Research & Development

In addition to survey related services, one of the core elements of ClassNK’s mission is contributing to the maritime community via practical research and development. This encompasses everything from fundamental research in areas directly related to ship classification such as vessel safety and protection of the marine environment, to collaborative projects designed to answer the needs of the maritime industry.