Training Course for Maritime Instructors

ClassNK offers a training course for maritime instructors “NK Training Course for Maritime Instructors”, designed to provide instructors engaged in maritime education to teach up-to-date seafaring skills, maritime knowledge and new technologies (e.g., ECDIS).

In order to achieve their performance goals and to ensure that the seafarers they train acquire appropriate professional skills; it is essential and indispensable for maritime training institutes to enhance and improve the teaching proficiency of their instructors as well.

The NK Training Course for Maritime Instructors is that digested of the IMO model course 6.09 ”Training Course for Instructors”, and plainly provides trainees as the instructors with instructions of fundamentals for general pedagogical skills through the high-quality teaching materials, well experienced lecturers with maritime education and course curriculum focused on practical training subjects.

After completion of the training course, Marine Instructors will receive a certificate of course completion issued by ClassNK; and will be expected to play an important role as reliable instructors in training institutes for seafarers around the world.

Outline of the ClassNK Training Course for Maritime Instructors

The NK Training Course for Maritime Instructors is an on-site training service available anywhere throughout the world upon request.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Language: English/Japanese
  • Number of trainees per class: 10 maximum

ClassNK offers services for the above NK Training Course for Maritime Instructors as well as Certification of Maritime Education & Training Course both individually and collectively as part of our PrimeManagement suite of training and certification services.

Application of Course Attendance

Please apply with the application forms shown below.


NK Completion Certificate of Maritime Instructor Training Course

The attendants of the course who are considered to be provided with the competent knowledge will be granted with the completion certificates.
Completion Record of NK Maritime Instructor Training Course

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