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ClassNK Technical Journal introduces articles written by person in charge of research and development in this organization and joint research project with the shipbuilding and marine industries. Not only maritime related themes, but also a wide range of advanced technologies related to the environment and safety are posted. The purpose of this magazine is to contribute to technological progress and social development by widely disclosure of these activities. If you have any opinions or requests, please contact Research Institute as below.


ClassNK Technical Journal No.8 2023(Ⅱ)

 Full Text PDF 3MB

Prefatory Note

  • Introduction to the Special Feature on “Trends and Initiatives toward Reduction of GHG” PDF 0.1MB

Special Feature Articles on “Trends and Initiatives toward Reduction of GHG”

  • Recent Topics on GHG Emissions Reduction from International Shipping PDF 0.5MB
  • Safety Requirements for Construction and Equipment of Ships Using Methanol as Fuel PDF 0.3MB
  • EEDI/EEXI Verification of Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems PDF 5.1MB
  • GHG Verification: Introduction to Supply Chain Emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3) PDF 0.5MB

Technical Topics

  • Concept of Management and Application to Safety-Related Systems by RAMS PDF 1.3MB
  • Next-Generation Telecommunications Infrastructure PDF 0.7MB
  • Research and Development on Ship Collisions ― Consideration of the Equivalent Added Mass Coefficient of a Struck Ship  ― PDF 1.9MB
  • Recent topics at IMO PDF 0.2MB

ClassNK Technical Journal No.7 2023 (I)

 Full Text PDF 4.2MB

Prefatory Note

  • Introduction to the Special Feature on “Activities for Safe Operation of Container Ships” PDF 0.1MB

Special Feature Articles on “Activities for Safe Operation of Container Ships”

  • Revisions of “Guidelines for Container Stowage and Securing Arrangements (Edition 3.0)” and Future Outlook PDF 3.9MB
  • Introduction of “Guidelines on Preventive Measures against Parametric Rolling” PDF 2.9MB
  • Guidelines for Additional Fire-fighting Measures for Container Carriers PDF 0.6MB
  • Structural Strength Rules Applied to Container Ships PDF 1.6MB
  • Simplified Operational Guidance for Preventing Parametric Rolling PDF 0.6MB

Technical Topics

  • Damage of SOx Scrubber Discharge Water Lines PDF 1.2MB
  • Update of Wave Statistics Standards for Classification Rules PDF 2.8MB
  • Studies on In-Engine Combustion of Low and Zero-Carbon Fuels PDF 3.1MB
  • Recent Topics at IMO PDF 0.1MB


ClassNK Technical Journal No.6 2022 (Ⅱ)

 Full Text PDF 6.3MB

Prefatory Note

  • Special Feature Articles on “Dealing with Risk” PDF 0.1MB

Special Feature Articles on Dealing with Risk

  • Risk in the Maritime Sector PDF 0.1MB
  • Necessity of New Framework to Support Social Implementation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships PDF 2.2MB
  • Fundamentals and Applications for Risk-Based Design PDF 1.5MB

Technical Topics

  • Development of Local Scantling Formulae for Plate Members PDF 2.0MB
  • World’s First Zero Emission Battery-Propelled Tanker and Outlook for the Future PDF 1.6MB
  • Introduction to “Guidelines for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing )”PDF 6.8MB
  • Estimation and Use of Wave Information for Ship Monitoring PDF 3.5MB
  • Recent Topics at IMO PDF 0.3MB

ClassNK Technical Journal No.5 2022 (I)

 Full Text PDF 6.0MB

Special Feature Articles on Zero-Emission Ships

  • Introduction to the Special Feature on "Zero-Emissions Ships" PDF 0.1MB
  • Efforts of the Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships (GSC) PDF 2.2MB
  • Development of onboard CO2 Capture System PDF 2.7MB
  • Prospects for Widespread Adoption of Next-Generation Standard EV Vessel ROBOSHIP PDF 0.7MB
  • ClassNK’s Efforts to Reduce GHG Emissions from Ships PDF 1.5MB

Technical Topics

  • Future Fluidics Analysis and an AI Surrogate Model for Manufacturing PDF 7.6MB
  • Part C "Guidelines for the Safety of Ships Using Ammonia as Fuel" of Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels PDF 1.1MB
  • Overview of Changes and Comprehensive Revision of Part C of the Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships PDF 1.5MB
  • Setting Corrosion Additions Based on Latest Thickness Measurement Data PDF 1.2MB
  • Evaluation of the Ship Operational Effect Based on Actually Encountered Sea States by Ships PDF 0.8MB
  • CBM Life Cycle Maintenance PDF 1.3MB
  • Recent Topics at IMO PDF 0.3MB


ClassNK Technical Journal No.4 2021 (Ⅱ)

 Full Text PDF 4.6MB

Special Feature Articles on Autonomous Operation

  • Current Status and Future Outlook of Automated Driving PDF 7.4MB
  • Risk Assessment of Autonomous Ship Systems PDF 5.5MB
  • Development of Comprehensive Simulation System
    for Autonomous Ships PDF 5.7MB
  • Automation Levels of Automated/Autonomous Ships PDF 6.4MB

Technical Topics

  • Initiatives for Ship Fire Safety Measures PDF 8.6MB
  • Estimation of Stress on Ship Structures Using Full-Scale
    Measurement Data and Machine Learning PDF 5.0MB
  • Consideration of Utilization of Autonomous Drone for
    Ship Surveys/Inspections PDF 1.1MB
  • Recent Topics at IMO PDF 3.3MB

ClassNK Technical Journal No.3 2021 (I)

 Full Text PDF 9.8MB

Special Feature Articles on Autonomous Ships

  • Recent Trends and Issues for Practical Application of MASS PDF 0.6MB
  • Research and Development of Collision Risk Decision Method
    for Safe Navigation and Its Verification PDF 1.7MB
  • Development of AI-based Automatic Collision Avoidance System
    and Evaluation by Actual Ship Experiment PDF 1.8MB
  • Challenge of Technology Development through MEGURI 2040 PDF 1.1MB
  • Development of Automated Ship Operation Technologies PDF 0.9MB
  • Development of Maneuvering System
    for Realizing Autonomous Ships PDF 2.1MB
  • Safety Evaluation for Technologies
    Related to Autonomous Ships PDF 1.5MB

Technical Topics

  • Development of Simplified Formula of Froude-Krylov Force of 6-DOFs
    Acting on Monohull Ship PDF 2.6MB
  • Development of Closed Formula of Wave Load Based Upon
    Long-Term Prediction PDF 1.1MB
  • Climate Change Initiatives for Reduction of Greenhouse Gases PDF 0.9MB
  • Efforts Related to “Innovation Endorsement” PDF 5.4MB
  • Recent topics at IMO PDF 0.2MB


NK Technical Journal2020

ClassNK Technical Journal No.2 2020 (I)



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