Type Certification for Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

ClassNK performs various evaluations for wind turbines based on related standards and technical requirements such as ”Design Evaluation” and “Prototype Certification for type testing”, finally issuing ”Type Certificate” the applicable standards have been satisfied.

Registrations of wind turbine certification

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Small Wind Turbines

ClassNK performs evaluations for small wind turbine systems with an output of less than 20kW to ensure that they meet requirements specified in domestic and international standards established by IEC and JIS, issuing type certificates once it has confirmed conformity to the applicable standards.
ClassNK type certifications for small wind turbines also ensure eligibility for the Feed-in Tariff Scheme launched by the Japanese government as part of efforts to promote the use of renewable energy.

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ClassNK publishes the following documents for type certification of small wind turbines.

Documentation Document No. Document type
Small Wind Turbine Type Certification Service Procedure NKRE-SP-0001
Edition: October 2021
Guidelines on the Use of Certification Documents and Symbols NKRE-AP-0001 PDF
Guidelines on Filings of Complaints and Objections NKRE-AP-0002 PDF
Application (Initial) RE-071-26 PDF Word
Application (Renewal) RE-071-33 PDF Word
Application (Surveillance) RE-071-34 PDF Word
Application (Change) RE-071-36 PDF Word
Application (Occasional Surveillance) RE-071-39 PDF Word
Application for Issuance of ClassNK Certification Seals RE-071-11 PDF Word
Application for Issuance of ClassNK Certification Mark RE-071-15 PDF Word
Application for Issuance of JAB Accreditation Mark RE-071-17 PDF Word
Request for Quotation RE-071-19 PDF Word
Registration of Type Certification for Small Wind Turbines RE-071-03 PDF


NKRE-GL-WT01 Certification of Wind Turbine System


Related Documents

RD-2101 ClassNK Wind Turbine Certification and Related Services [August 2021 public version]

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