Procedure for freight forwarding decisions

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Shipper’s Declaration should be provided by the shipper. These documents should state the following cargo information:

(1) the “IMO Class/division” (as defined by the IMDG Code) for dangerous goods,

(2) the UN No. for dangerous goods, and

(3) the bulk cargo group and Bulk Cargo Shipping Name (BCSN).

Please refer to the links given below for information on how to check cargo and how to refer to certificates.

(Sample of certificate and declaration)

Please understand that ClassNK is not a certification body for cargo properties and characteristics; moreover, a classification society, in principle, is not responsible for assessing whether a particular vessel can carry certain types of cargo. It is the responsibility of the shipping company to contact the shipper requesting freight forwarding for details on the cargoes in question and make the final decision on whether to carry such cargoes.

Note 1: To be treated as general cargo. When loaded in cargo holds, fixed fire-extinguishing equipment is required in accordance with Chapter 10 of SOLAS II-2.
(For vessels for which the keel is laid on or after July 1, 2014, the release must be completed within 10 minutes.)

Note 2: Not permitted to be carried as cargo, DG or/and IMSBC Code certificate shall be rewritten for carrying purposes through verifying applicable requirements.

Note 3: The granting of transportation permits for shipments of cargo not listed in the IMSBC Code is a matter for competent authorities to decide. ClassNK is not authorized to make such decisions. The shipping company shall contact the flag authority and obtain permission to carry the cargo. See Section 1.3 of the IMSBC Code. For more information on the carrying of metal sulphide concentrates (UN3077/ Class9) (sometimes referred to by other names such as lead concentrate, zinc concentrate, etc.), please refer to UN No.3077 Cargoes

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