Information Security Policy

Whereas the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (hereinafter referred to as "ClassNK") recognizes the protection of all information assets it holds, including information provided by ClassNK customers, as an important responsibility, ClassNK places a priority on information security to merit and maintain the trust of both customers and society. This "Information Security Policy" is established as a guideline for the protection of ClassNK information assets, and is executed and promoted as described below.

1. Scope of application

The scope of application covers all ClassNK businesses, all information assets related to our business operations, all facilities related to information, and all employees who access information assets.

2. Purpose

ClassNK recognizes all information security requirements, including those from stakeholders, endeavors to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information assets it handles, and takes appropriate measures against information security risks.

3. Information security management system

The information security management supervisor is designated as the person-in-charge of information security, and the information security management system is established to facilitate information security.

4. Compliance

ClassNK observes the requirements of all laws and regulations, including international treaties, related to information security and ClassNK businesses, the requirements specified in contracts with stakeholders, and self-management standards to ensure the maintenance and management of information security.

5. Education and training

ClassNK implements the education and training required to improve knowledge and awareness to ensure information security.

6. Continuous improvement

ClassNK periodically evaluates the status of information security implementation to ensure that this policy is observed and to promote continuous improvement.