Innovation Endorsement Approach

As companies pursue ESG management and the SDGs to realise a sustainable society, various innovations have been vital to resolve challenges. ClassNK offers its “Innovation Endorsement (IE) Approach” as a framework to support innovative initiatives through third-party certification. The basic concept of IE is introduced below

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IE is ClassNK’s initiative as a third-party certification body to create new value based on "Third party certification/ evaluation/ rating", and it is one of the three business pillars on which "ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030"*1 (announced in February 2020) is based. It has described the future shape required to a class society in the digital society.

(*1) Related press release: "ClassNK develops its Digital Grand Design 2030”


The principle policy of IE is as follows

  • Speed-focused: As innovation progresses rapidly, ClassNK focuses on the speed to fully follow its pace, establish evaluation technologies as a third party, and then certify such innovation.
  • Cooperation with front runners: Since a clear evaluation standard is unlikely to have yet been established for innovative technologies, ClassNK examines and develops evaluation standards in collaboration with pioneering front runners.
  • Certification expected by customers and society: In response to the expansion of the scope of innovative initiatives, the scope and target of certification will be also expanded based on customer needs and social conditions.

Scope of certification

The scope of IE covers four categories: Digital*2, Environment, Safety, and Labour. In addition, "Yours" demonstrates ClassNK's commitment to work to meet any needs of customers and society.

(*2) IE was launched focusing on digital innovation in July 2020.

Target of certification

IE covers three categories as the target of certification: Ships, Products & Solutions, and Providers.

  • Notation: For ships, notations such as "DSS"*3, "a-EA"*4 ,”a-SAFE”*5, and “ELW”*6 indicating advanced initiatives related to the digitalisation, environment, safety, and living and working environment on board have been incorporated to the ship, are added to its class certificate and support the enhancement of ship's value.
  • P&S certification: For products and solutions (P&S), ClassNK examines and verifies their innovative functions based on our knowledge and experience as a third-party certification body and issue certificates for supporting the deployment of products and services.
  • Provider certification: For organisations (providers) engaging in innovative initiatives, ClassNK provides flexible supports from the early stage with three levels of certification, (1) Conception (Class C), (2) Development (Class D), and (3) Sustainable implementation (Class S).

ClassNK is committed to contributing to the sustainable evolution of maritime and offshore business activities by actively supporting innovative technologies through IE, and monitoring to innovation trends, and continuing its Innovation ecosystem to respond quickly to customers’ advanced initiatives.

(*3) DSS: Abbreviation for Digital Smart Ship. Refer to ClassNK’s Guidelines for Digital Smart Ship.
(*4) a-EA: Abbreviation for Advanced Environmental Awareness. Refer to Chapter 5 of ClassNK’s Environmental Guidelines
(*5) a-SAFE: Abbreviation for Advanced Safety. Refer to ClassNK’s Guidelines for Advanced Safety Measures.
(*6) ELW: Abbreviation for Excellent Living and Working Environment. Refer to ClassNK’s Guidelines for Excellent Living and Working Environment.

IE Certified logo

IE Certified logo is provided to certified company/organization.

IE certification logo

Endorsement Achievement (As of 27th Nov. 2023)

  • IE Notation:
  • DSS : 92 vessels are assigned DSS Notation. Details are as follows
  • DSS(EE) :5 DSS(EE2) :69 DSS(MM):17 DSS(SM):27
    DSS(RCSM):1 DSS(CNS):83 DSS(HM):1  DSS(ESM):4
  • a-EA: 2 vessels are assigned DSS Notation. Details are as follows
  • a-EA(ESA):1 a-EA(SCELL):1
  • a-Safe; 2 vessel is assigned a-SAFE Notation. Details are as follows.
  • a-SAFE(CRI):2 a-SAFE(XRD):2

    Note: Meaning of sign is as follows.

    DSS(EE):Energy Efficiency
    DSS(MM):Machinery Monitoring
    DSS(SM):Shore Monitoring
    DSS(RCSM):Refrigerated Cargo Shore Monitoring
    DSS(CNS): Connected Ship
    DSS(HM):Hull Monitoring
    DSS(ESM):Emission Shore Monitoring
    a-EA(ESA):Energy Saving Additives
    a-EA(SCELL): Solar Cell
    a-SAFE(CRI): Collision Risk Indication System
    a-SAFE (XRD): Extended Reality Display System

  • P&S Certification: 31
    Please find following link for detail of certification
    Achievement of P&S Certification
  • Provider Certification: 6
    Please find following link for detail of certification
    Achievement of Providers Certification

For inquiries and applications, please contact

Digital Transformation Center, ClassNK

Tel: +81-3-5226-2738 (main)
Fax: +81-3-5226-2056

Achievement of P&S Certification Detail

No. Company Name of Product/Solution Overview Link
1 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions This system is DSS (CNS, EE) compliant, and an advanced solution equipped with automatic collection and transmission status monitoring of ship's operation data via satellite communication, and statistical / analysis function of various data.
2 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. SOPass (Ship Operation and Performance analysis support system) It is a ship operation management system which provides visual representations of operational status information, carries out various type of performance analysis, and offers LNG cargo management optimization features.  
3 Sunflame Co., Ltd. Sunflame Smart Support System Sunflame Smart Support System has the functions of automatic data arrangement of sonboard equipment: data collection, file conversion, file sending, and data storage. The collected data is sent to shore to monitor and analyze its performance. As feedback, the analysis report is automatically sent to clients to raise awareness of the hazard besides a periodic report as well as informing clients of the maintenance time, operation plan for trouble prevention, and fuel efficiency.
4 Alpha Ori Technologies Pte. LTD., SMARTShip – Asset AI Plus AssetAI monitors the condition of machineries, detects anomalies and degradation, and proposes maintenance tasks and overhaul plans based on its condition. AI prediction using machine learning algorithms prevents failures and reduces equipment downtime.CIM is a business support service for shipowners and charterers who are obligated to compile and report CO2 and CII emissions from their fleet. We provide our specialized report template, collect voyage data, and confirm the contents with the ship. Company Site:

5 Weathernews Inc. Carbon Intensity Monitoring (CIM) Service CIM is a business support service for shipowners and charterers who are obligated to compile and report CO2 and CII emissions from their fleet. We provide our specialized report template, collect voyage data, and confirm the contents with the ship.  
6 NIHON SHIPYARD CO., LTD. Sea-Navi®2.0s Sea-NaviⓇ2.0 is a voyage support integrated platform for safe operation and environmental-friendly operation of vessels. We provide weather routing (optimal routing support) application and various data monitoring/analysis functions using big data collected from vessels.
7 SEAHARMONY LP SEAWALKER web platform “SEAWALKER” software platform provide remote support capability connected with remote devices. SEAWALKER provides remote communication and interaction in the following, but not limited situations: Troubleshooting and fault findings, Emergency response Service, Remote Surveys, Training, Inspecting industrial assets before consignment to clients, Supervising, Remote ship’s inspection, Energy efficiency audits, Routine maintenance and etc. Other services can be provided by third party experts. Smart Glass capabilities connected with SEAWALKER software platform which allows hands-free in a complete freedom and safety. It allows a field technician to receive audio/video streaming support from remote experts (and vice versa) , via a secure and reliable network or satellite connection. Usage of SEAWALKER software platform reduces travel cost and reduce CO2 emissions.
8 Marine Net CO., LTD MN-Station To concretely practice training, maintenance, and IT equipment monitoring after the formulation of a vessel's cyber security management system a subscription service that provides core units & systems
9 U-Ming Marine TRANSPROT CORP. Fleet Safety Management System Fleet Safety management (FSM) is a near real-time safety monitoring system that can provide the Master with the ability to monitor the ship's safety while away from the bridge, reducing the chance of sailing accidents. In addition, the shore management can also receive the same information to assist the Master in maintaining the ship's safety and help the Master solve the problem in time to avoid another significant accident.
10 NAPA Ltd NAPA Performance Monitoring & Optimization Complete package for ship operations planning and analysis onboard and ashore. High-frequency voyage data feeds into comprehensive analytics tools to help control ship performance. The adaptive dynamic performance model integrates with voyage and trim optimization for accurate voyage estimates. The solution helps save emissions, time, and money while improving safety and situational awareness.
11 NAPA Ltd NAPA Fleet Intelligence NAPA Fleet Intelligence is a user-friendly cloud-based solution for improving ship efficiency and safety. It combines open data and actual performance data collected from vessels, integrating with any reporting tool you use. Choose from various modules to match your needs, such as technical performance monitoring, analysis of charter party compliance, or weather routing for optimized voyages.
12 DENBA Japan Corporation DENBA+Marine DENBA+ Marine” is an innovative device which creates a space of electric potential by emitting extremely low frequent electromagnetic wave from its electrical discharge mats. It resonates the water molecules in the food and thus activating the cells of the fresh provisions and keeping their freshness longer than usual. Installing DENBA+ Marine in chamber of the vessels contributes to SDGs by reducing food loss and improving crews’ food environment, Company Site:

13 Marlink SAS CyberGuard Threat Detection Marlink’s CyberGuard service correlates the network traffic sent from and received by the vessel with multiple Cyber Security sources to detect cyber security threats. Customers view detected threats, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on the cyber risk of each vessel and other reports in the online CyberGuard Portal and can activate alerts by E-Mail or by API. Each threat is assigned an urgency level based on the danger and the criticality of the onboard vessel network. To remediate a detected threat, countermeasures can be implemented directly in the CyberGuard Portal which then apply to the onboard network device. Company Site:

14 FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd. FURUNO Open Platform FURUNO Open Platform (FOP) is a data collection system that supports ship operation in an integrated manner between ship and onshore. FOP unit installed onboard collects ship’s data and deliver it to the FOP server onshore via VSAT or other communication system. The user is enabled to monitor ship’s status and condition via the FOP viewer on shore. FOP viewer has capability of providing alert notice function and data link with other system flexibly, in accordance with customer`s request. Please feel free to contact to us.
15 Innospec Fuel Specialties Octamar Combusion Catalst series - Octamar Ultra HF, Octmar Complete, Octamar F35C Octamar is a fuel technology that is a combination of combustion/soot catalyst, combustion improver and stabilizer/dispersant. This creates a threefold effect on combustion catalysis, ignition improvement, homogenization and better atomization/spray pattern achieving improvement in fuel economy and reduced unburnt fuel in exhaust, soot, PAH, post combustion fouling, black smoke, black carbon and other emissions. The success of this work has been patented and the products’ performance trialled on field trials on various ship types, test bed engines and in fuel laboratories.
16 Aidea Inc. Aisea PRO “Aisea PRO" shares AIS information, camera images, engine data, and other data surrounding ships in real time between ships and shore via the Aisea platform. It realizes the digitization of business operations, the improvement of safety by utilizing accumulated operational status data, linkage with external systems, and paperless operations
17 FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd. AR Navigation System AR Navigation System is our all-new advanced augmented reality navigation system that provides substantial support to navigation. Thanks to a camera, an image of the front view projects on a display and the navigation information is superimposed over this live video imagery. Even in adverse weather or visibility conditions, you can clearly view other vessels' routes and critical information, as well as own ship data, allowing you stress-free maneuvering and navigation.
18 FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd. 3D Bird View System The 3D Bird View System (3DBV) receives information around the own vessel from the electronic chart system (ECS, ECDIS), the Radar, and the AIS. The navigation data is expressed on a three-dimensional virtual reality space. This supports the user's spatial awareness ability. The 3DBV displays the collision risk area from a bird’s-eye view. The collision risk area indicates the risk area of collision between the own vessel and the other vessels.
19 Japan Radio Co.,Ltd. J-Marine Cloud J-Marine Cloud provides advanced vessel management and operational support solutions for onshore fleet managers. And also, this service provides a variety of services to vessels, such as meteorological and oceanographic information and optimal route support services, to boost on-board decision-making capabilities of vessels.
20 GILLS PTE LTD GILLS(Gas Injected Liquid Lubrication System) The Gills Unit of the GILLS System is a device for Ultra Fine Microbubble generation. Different to conventional ways of microbubble generation, the GILLS System reduces frictional resistance, thereby reducing power requirements. GILLS achieves the reduction of drag by generating Ultra-Fine Microbubble (peak dia 1.0mm) by applying the physical phenomena Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability (KHI). The Microbubbles are released as soon as generated. The Microbubbles stay in the water a long time and form a cloud with hull-tightening force on it. Any ship that goes through the cloud, the hull drag is being reduced by hull-tightening Microbubbles.
21 Tokusyu Kousyo Gijutsu Society Tokusyu Kousyo Gijutsu Tokusyu Kousyo Gijutsu is a technology that allows technicians to work safely at heights without using temporary scaffolds or heavy machinery by using ropes, lanyards, and other special equipment to prevent falls in difficult-to-access areas.
22 Port-IT Vanir Port-ITs Vanir is the first ever all-in-one security solution tailored to fit the needs of the maritime market. Especially designed to be used onboard vessels, Vanir will secure your network and computers with its mixture of a vessels next generation Firewall (UTM) and their well know Endpoint Security powered by Gartner recognized ESET engines. All settings can be handled via the Port-IT Portal from shore and serve you with comprehensive logging and reports to keep you up-to-date of your vessels it and cyber security.
23 Groke Technilogies Groke Pro Groke Pro is a product designed to enhance situational awareness for crew members on board a vessel. It aims to support navigation and reduce cognitive stress by providing real-time information about the vessel's surroundings. The product features two main views: a real-time video feed from a camera installed on the vessel, which highlights other vessels and sea marks in the camera's field of view with indicators, and a map view that shows the area of operation and any detected and tracked objects on top of the map. This allows crew members to quickly and easily identify potential hazards or other vessels in the area. Groke Pro is intended to work in conjunction with statutory navigation systems and visual lookout to provide a complete picture of the vessel's surroundings.
24 FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd. HermAce Remote Monitoring &Troubleshooting Platform HermAce is an innovative remote monitoring tool that aims to monitor the operational status of marine electronic products in real time, anytime, anywhere. Various data collected on board can be viewed from land by accessing a dedicated web portal and using real-time data enable to reduce the time required for engineers to visit ships and their time during VDR/S-VDR annual performance test and reduce labor costs.
25 BEMAC Corporation MaSSA-One MaSSA-One is a ship support solution consisting of (1) a shipboard/onshore data platform and (2) an application layer. By collecting and accumulating all kinds of data on board and monitoring them with MaSSA Insight, it is possible to improve operational efficiency and provide support in case of trouble. The system can also be linked to external systems via API to flexibly respond to the use of data on ships.
26 TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. TERASAKI Marine Information Platform TMIP(TERASAKI Marine Information Platform) is an onboard data collection device that collects and stores data by connecting with monitoring systems such as TERANET50X manufactured by our company and other onboard equipment, and can be used with various devices and applications. It is possible to share.
27 JSAT MOBILE Communications Inc. Fleet Secure Endpoint/FSE With Fleet Secure Endpoint we’re pioneering more than just an off-the-shelf IT anti-virus solution. We’re offering continuous protection of all online endpoints on your vessel’s network with web content filtering blocking malicious traffic whether it’s incoming or outgoing. Defend every single potential vulnerability across the vast network of your vessel from threat regardless of origin. Whether from a computer, crew laptop, USB or onboard sensor, our Fleet Secure Endpoint will automatically monitor, identify and block any trace of infection.
28 Bearing, Inc. Bearing CII Optimizer Part pf Bearing AI’s Decision Engine platform for the maritime industry, Bearing AI’s CII Optimization tool helps companies make data-driven operational and commercial decisions to manage and optimize for the CII regulation.
29 FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd. Berthing Aid System The Berthing Aid System measures and displays the distance and the angle relative to the quay. And, the Berthing Aid System supports maneuvering at berthing, reducinges the time of berthing and preventings the collision accidents. The Berthing Aid System with a camera and LiDARs are installed on the ship. The Berthing Aid System displays the predicted velocity and angle at the contact in case there will be a danger of contact with the quay, and also diplays the hull movement relative to the quay in a top view.
30 Mitsui O.S.K.Lines,Ltd. / MIURA CO.,LTD. CYCLONE TYPE MICROPLASTIC COLLECTION DEVICE HQ efficiently collects MPs by centrifugally separating MPs in the vessel’s seawater line with a cyclone separator. It can now collect MPs at all times from the seawater line without blocking the vessel’s piping. Since the treated seawater can be returned to the raw water line, there is almost no effect on the existing system. HQ contributes to marine environment conservation and aims to create an environmentally friendly society while promoting sustainability.
31 Blue Visby Services Ltd. Blue Visby Solution The Blue Visby Solution is a neutral, independent, and collaborative technological and contractual platform for reducing shipping GHG emissions by through eradicating the practice of “Sail Fast, Then Wait”. It comprised an algorithm, an operational system, a sharing mechanism, and a contractual architecture. The Blue Visby Solution combines technology with two of the maritime industry’s most remarkable and enduring features: the inter-connectedness of stakeholders through agreements they freely enter into under English law, and long-standing traditions of collaboration in the face of common threats.

Achievement of Providers Certification Detail

No. Company Class Overview of innovation activity
1 TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT CO., LTD. The value engineering and innovation activities for a zero-emissions and hydrogen society. Topics | ClassNK - English
2 Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha Marine Group The organizational management system of innovation activities that contribute to improvement of the safety of ships in operation by utilizing the ship IoT data management system and human resources. Topics | ClassNK - English
3 ”K"Line Wind Service, LTD. C The activities to create a new service business in the field of offshore wind power supporting business as a platform for the Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Group. Topics | ClassNK - English
4 VesselsValue Ltd. C The new innovation activities to provide maritime market intelligence on a daily basis for stakeholders to make optimal decisions using state-of-the-art technology that combines AI and statistical methods. Topics | ClassNK - English
5 FUKUJIN KISEN CO., LTD. C The activities to realize a company that pursues a new style of ship management by leveraging digitalization and to provide rewarding and comfortable work environment for employees and seafarers based on ESG principles. Topics | ClassNK - English
6 YUSEN LOGISTICS CO., LTD. C The activities to enhance employee engagement and contribute to the realization of sustainability for all stakeholders, while providing services to customers through visualization and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions beyond corporate, industries and national boundaries. Topics | ClassNK - English