GWO Training Certification

ClassNK GWO Certification(GWO Training Standards)

ClassNK provides certification services for training providers based on the international training standards for workers in the wind turbine industry established by the GWO (Global Wind Organisation). The Society is a certification body that can provide certification based on all training standards established by the GWO.

*GWO (The Global Wind Organisation) is a non-profit body founded in 2012 by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators such as GE, Vestas, and Siemens. They specialize in the development of training standards (GWO training) for workers in the wind turbine industry (offshore and onshore), and their headquarters is in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The Society is listed as a certification body on the GWO website under the Asian region page.
GWO approved certification bodies

The international standards established by the GWO are as follows. In order to be certified as a provider of GWO training, examination by a GWO-approved certification body is required.

  1. BST (Basic Safety Trainityng)
    1-1 First Aid
    1-2 Manual Handling
    1-3 Fire Awareness
    1-4 Working at height
    1-5 Sea Survival
  2. Basic Safety Trainityng Refresher (for those who have already taken BST)
  3. Basic Technical Standard
  4. Advanced Rescue Training Standard, same refresher course
  5. Advanced First Aid Training Standard, same refresher course
  6. Blade Repair Training Standard
  7. Slinger Signaller/Rigger Signal Person

For training details, please see the GWO training standards website.
GWO training standards

Certified training providers are required to undergo an annual surveillance audit and a recertification audit every two years. The surveillance audit is conducted within 12 months after the first certification, and from the second time onward, within a 4-month window 2 months before or after the same day that the certification was received in the following year.

Application for certification

Customers planning to carry out GWO training can download the application form from this website. To apply, please fill out the application form and send it by e-mail to the Maritime Education and Training Certification Department. We will reply with an attached quotation and details regarding the appointment date. Inquiries by telephone are also welcome.

  • Examination applicaton form for GWO training certification  PDF Word


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