Wind Farm Certification

Wind Farm Certification is covered as part of the project certification process and is carried out to ensure conformity with the safety regulations of the Electricity Business Act for ”Construction Plan Notification”. ClassNK evaluates the environmental conditions of the proposed installation site and assesses whether the strength and safety of the wind turbines and their support structures are suitable for the installation environment based on Japan-specific requirements.

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ClassNK publishes the following documents for wind farm certification.

Documentation Document No. Document type
Wind Farm Certification Service Procedure NKRE-SP-0003
Edition: October 2021
Guidelines on the Use of Certification Documents and Symbols RE-4 PDF
Guidelines on Filings of Complaints and Objections RE-5 PDF
Application (Initial) RE-081-03 PDF Word
Application (Change) RE-081-04 PDF Word
Request for Quotation
- Onshore Wins Power Plant & Initial -
RE-081-05 PDF Word
Registrations of Wind Farm Certification
  Onshore Wind Power Plant
  Offshore Wind Power Plant


NKRE-GL-WFC01 Wind Farm Certification, Onshore Wind Power Plant Edition

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