IACS UR E26/27

In April 2022, IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) issued two new URs (Unified Requirements) on cybersecurity (UR E26 and UR E27). These URs specify requirements focused on the capability to reduce the occurrence and mitigate the effects of cyber incidents due to cyber-attacks (hereinafter referred to as “cyber resilience”). UR E26 applies to entire ships while UR E27 applies to on-board systems and equipment. The aim of the two URs is to set a minimum set of requirements for cyber resilience capabilities that a newly built vessel is to be delivered with to support cyber-secure operations.

ClassNK is undertaking various initiatives in response to the UR E26/27. Updates on the Society's initiatives will be posted on this page as needed

IACS Unified Requirement

Latest revision of IACS UR E26/27 and related IACS documentation can be downloaded directly from the following link. ClassNK MyPage users are able to view all the IACS Unified Requirements including UR E26/27 free of charge.

Resolution Revision Adoption
Title Implementation
UR E27 Rev.1 Sep. 2023 Cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment 1 July 2024
UR E26 Rev.1 Nov. 2023 Cyber resilience of ships 1 July 2024

Rules and Guidance

Rules and Guidance incorporating UR E26/27 can be downloaded directly from the following link.

  • Part X COMPUTER BASED SYSTEMS (Scheduled to be issued by July 2024)
  • Guidance for the Approval and Type Approval of Materials and Equipment for Marine Use (Scheduled to be issued by July 2024)


In addition to the Rules and Guidance as above, ClassNK has published separate guidelines that provide interpretations of the requirements of IACS UR E26/27. These guidelines should be considered as an aid to the stakeholders affected by the URs, in particular compliance managers or persons in charge, in their work towards compliance with UR E26/27. The guidelines also explain the Society's approval process and cybersecurity requirements.

The Guidelines can be downloaded directly from the following link. ClassNK MyPage users are able to view all the ClassNK Guidelines including UR E26/27 Guidelines free of charge.

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