Japan's Evaluation Test for Specified Skills

The purpose of the test is to check a certain level of expertise and skill proficiency to engage in Welding, Painting, Iron work, Machining, Finishing or Electrical equipment assembly regarding “Shipbuilding and Ship machinery Industries” in Japan for those who enter Japan with the status of residence of “Specified Skilled Worker”.

ClassNK implements this test.

Implementation of the evaluation test “Welding” in Philippines

Test result

Date: 28 November, 2019
Venue: MK Maritime Training Center, Inc.
   MMS Bacoor Bldg., Old NIA Road, Barangay Bayanan, Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines Capacity: 20 examinees
Capacity: 20 examinees

It is possible to take evaluation test at the place where the applicant wants by sending our supervisor. Please refer to <Implementation of the evaluation test “Welding” in Japan>

Implementation of the evaluation test “Welding” in Japan

ClassNK carry out evaluation test at the place where the applicant wants to take by sending our supervisor. The applicant has to prepare test site, welding equipment and materials, test assembly. The applicant also has to execute bend test.

We will inform this page about the welding skill evaluation test except in Philippines or Japan, other category evaluation test (Painting, Iron work, Machining, Finishing and Electrical equipment assembling) after finishing preparation of the test.

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