Services Network

ClassNK maintains an ever expanding global service network of more than 120 survey offices and five plan approval centers in major port cities and shipbuilding regions around the world.

To contact ClassNK, please utilize Service Directory.

Service Directory

Branches in Japan

・ Hakodate Branch Japan
・ Tokyo Branch Japan
・ LAR at Hachinohe Japan
・ LAR at Sendai Japan
・ Yokohama Branch Japan
・ LAR at Shimizu Japan
・ Nagoya Branch Japan
・ Kobe Branch Japan
・ Okayama Branch Japan
・ Onomichi Branch Japan
・ Hiroshima Branch Japan
・ Sakaide BranchJapan
・ LAR at Kochi Japan
・ Imabari Branch Japan
・ kyushu Branch Japan
・ LAR at Kitakyushu Japan
・ LAR at Ariake Japan
・ Usuki Branch Japan
・ Nagasaki Branch Japan
・ Sasebo Branch Japan

Offices out of Japan

Korea and China

・ Busan Office Korea
・ Seoul Sub-Office Korea
・ Ulsan Sub-Office Korea
・ LAR at Mokpo Korea
・ LAR at Koje Korea
・ Taipei Office Taiwan
・ Kaohsiung Office Taiwan
・ Hong Kong Office China
・ Headquarters of NK(China) China
・ Shanghai (Survey Office) China
・ Dalian Office China
・ Tianjin Office China
・ Qingdao Office China
・ Nantong Office China
・ Zhoushan Office China
・ Guangzhou Office China

South Asia and Oceania Area

・ Singapore Office Singapore
・ Manila Office Philippines
・ Cebu Sub-Office Philippines
・ Haiphong Office Vietnam
・ Ho Chi Minh Office Vietnam
・ Bangkok Office Thailand
・ Yangon Sub-Office Myanmar
・ Kuala Lumpur Office Malaysia
・ Johor Bahru Sub-Office Malaysia
・ Kota Kinabalu Office Malaysia
・ Miri Sub-Office Malaysia
・ LAR at Sibu Malaysia
・ LAR at Brunei Brunei
・ Jakarta Office Indonesia
・ Batam Sub-Office Indonesia
・ Balikpapan Sub-Office Indonesia
・ Surabaya Office Indonesia
・ Mumbai Office India
・ Chennai Sub-Office India
・ Colombo Sub-Office Sri Lanka
・ LAR at Kochi India
・ LAR at Kolkata India
・ LAR at Visakhapatnam India
・ LAR at Kandla India
・ Chittagong Office Bangladesh
・ Sydney Office Australia
・ LAR at Fremantle Australia
・ LAR at Melbourne Australia
・ LAR at Brisbane Australia
・ Auckland Office New Zealand

Middle East

・ Dubai Office U.A.E.
・ LAR at Fujairah U.A.E.
・ LAR at Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
・ LAR at Doha Qatar
・ LAR at Muscat Oman
・ LAR at Kuwait Kuwait
・ LAR at Karachi Pakistan
・ Jeddah Office Saudi Arabia
・ LAR at Bahrain Bahrain
・ Alexandria Office Egypt

Europe and Africa

・ London Office U.K.
・ LAR at Newcastle U.K.
・ LAR at St Petersburg Russia
・ LAR at Novorossiysk Russia
・ Oslo Office Norway
・ Copenhagen Office Denmark
・ LAR at Ebelttoft Denmark
・ LAR at Klaipeda Lithuania
・ LAR at Helsinki Finland
・ Gdansk Office Poland
・ Hamburg Office Germany
・ Rotterdam Office Netherlands
・ Antwerp Office Belgium
・ Barcelona Office Spain
・ LAR at Las Palmas Spain
・ LAR at Ferrol Spain
・ LAR at Algeciras Spain
・ LAR at Cadiz Spain
・ LAR at Valencia Spain
・ LAR at Bilbao Spain
・ Lisbon Office Portugal
・ Genova Office Italy
・ LAR at Naples Italy
・ Marseille Office France
・ LAR at Dunkerque France
・ LAR at Nantes France
・ LAR at Casablanca Morocco
・ Piraeus Office Greece
・ Constanza Office Romania
・ Istanbul Office Türkiye
・ LAR at Izmir Türkiye
・ LAR at Mersin Türkiye
・ Durban Office South Africa
・ LAR at Cape Town South Africa
・ Accra Office Ghana

The Americas

・ New York Office U.S.A.
・ LAR at Norfolk U.S.A.
・ LAR at Maiami U.S.A.
・ LAR at Charleston U.S.A.
・ Vancouver Office Canada
・ LAR at Montreal Canada
・ New Orleans Office U.S.A.
・ Houston Office U.S.A.
・ Los Angeles Office U.S.A.
・ LAR at Seattle U.S.A.
・ Panama Office Panama
・ Veracruz Office Mexico
・ Valparaiso Office Chile
・ LAR at Callao Peru
・ Buenos Aires Office Argentina
・ LAR at Asuncion Paraquay
・ Rio de Janeiro Office Brazil
・ LAR at Paranagua Brazil
・ Santos Sub-Office Brazil
・ LAR at Belem Brazil

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