Manufacturing Evaluation of Wind Turbine Supporting Structures

Manufacturing evaluation of wind turbine supporting structure is applied to installing one or more wind turbines with an output of 500 kW or more than 500kW subject to the Electricity Business Act and to manufacturing evaluation for wind turbine supporting structure which can be requested upon acceptance of a construction plan.
The design of the wind turbine supporting structure to be evaluated is appropriately based on the site conditions of the planned construction site, and it is assumed that the contents of the project have acquired ClassNK’s Wind Farm Certification or design evaluation has been completed by a third party organization. The wind turbine supporting structure mentioned here is not limited to the tower alone, and the foundation is also the subject.

ClassNK publishes the following documents for Manufacturing Evaluation of Wind Turbine Supporting Structures.

Documentation Document No. Document type
Manufacturing Evaluation of Wind Turbine
Supporting Structures Service Procedure
Edition: October 2021
Request for Quotation RE-100-01 PDF Word
Application RE-100-02 PDF Word

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