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IACS統一規則(Unified Requirement)


IACS統一解釈(Unified Interpretation)





統一適用時期が明記されているものにつきましては「適用日」として記載しておりますが、適用対象日が建造契約日、起工日等様々のため、必ず各テキストをご確認ください。 なお、統一規則及び統一解釈は、適用時期も含めNK規則等に取り入れられた後にNK船級船に対し施行することになります。


A : Mooring and Anchoring C : Containers D : Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
E : Electrical and Electronic Installations F : Fire Protection G : Gas Tankers
I : Polar Class K : Propellers L : Subdivision, Stability and Load Line
M : Machinery Installations N : Navigation P : Pipes and Pressure Vessels
S : Strength of Ships W : Materials and Welding Z : Survey and Certification


GC : IGC Code / GC Code GF : IGF Code HSC : HSC Code
LL : Load Line MODU : MODU Code MPC : MARPOL
PASSUB : Passenger Submersible Craft SC : SOLAS TM : Tonnage Measurement

IACS統一規則(Unified Requirement)

番号 改訂番号 採択日 タイトル 適用日
UR M53 Rev.5 May 2023 Calculations for I.C. Engine Crankshafts 1 Jul. 2024
UR M73 Rev.2 May 2023 Turbochargers 1 Jul. 2024
UR Z11 Rev.6 May 2023 Mandatory Ship Type and Enhanced Survey Programme (ESP) Notations 1 Jul. 2024
UR Z17 Rev.18 Corr.1 May 2023 Procedural Requirements for Service Suppliers 1 Jul. 2023
UR Z17 Rev.18 Corr.1 May 2023 Procedural Requirements for Service Suppliers ---
UR Z23 Rev.7 Corr.2 May 2023 Hull Survey for New Construction ---
UR S26 Rev.5 May 2023 Strength and Securing of Small Hatches on the Exposed Fore Deck 1 Jul. 2024
UR G2 Rev.3 May 2023 Liquefied gas cargo tanks and process pressure vessels 1 Jul. 2024
UR M72 Rev.3 Apr. 2023 Certification of Engine Components 1 Jul. 2024
UR M56 Rev.4 Corr.2 Mar. 2023 Marine gears – load capacity of involute parallel axis spur and helical gears ---
UR Z10.5 Rev.20 Feb. 2023 Hull Surveys of Double Skin Bulk Carriers 1 Jul. 2024
UR Z10.4 Rev.18 Feb. 2023 Hull Surveys of Double Hull Oil Tankers 1 Jul. 2024
UR Z10.2 Rev.37 Feb. 2023 Hull Surveys of Bulk Carriers 1 Jul. 2024
UR Z10.1 Rev.25 Feb. 2023 Hull Surveys of Oil Tankers 1 Jul. 2024
UR M82 New Mar. 2023 Type Testing Procedure of Explosion Relief Devices for Combustion Air Inlet and Exhaust Gas Manifolds of I.C. Engines Using Gas as Fuel Jul. 2024
UR W31 Rev.3 Mar. 2023 YP47 Steels and Brittle Crack Arrest Steels 1 Jul. 2024
UR Z17 Rev.18 Feb. 2023 Procedural Requirements for Service Suppliers Jul. 2023
UR S10 Rev.7 Feb. 2023 Rudders, sole pieces and rudder horns 1 Jul. 2024
UR M77 Rev.4 Feb. 2023 Storage and use of SCR reductants Jan. 2024
UR I3 Rev.2 Jan. 2023 Machinery Requirements for Polar Class Ships Jul. 2024
UR M31 Del. Jan. 2023 Continuity of electrical power supply for vessels with periodically unattended machinery spaces ---
UR M63 Rev.1 Jan. 2023 Alarms and safeguards for emergency internal combustion (I.C.) engines Jan. 2024
UR S35 New Feb. 2023 Buckling Strength Assessment of Ship Structural Elements 1 Jul. 2024
UR S21A Del. Jan. 2023 Evaluation of Scantlings of Hatch Covers and Hatch Coamings and Closing Arrangements of Cargo Holds of Ships 1 Jul. 2024
UR S21 Rev.6 Jan. 2023 Evaluation of Scantlings of Hatch Covers and Hatch Coamings and Closing Arrangements of Cargo Holds of Ships 1 Jul. 2024
UR G5 New Dec. 2022 Fail-close action of Emergency Shut Down (ESD) valve Jan. 2024
UR S14 Rev.7 Dec. 2022 Testing Procedures of Watertight Compartments 1 Jan. 2024
UR D11 Rev.4 Corr.1 Dec. 2022 Safety features ---
UR M45 Del. Nov. 2022 Ventilation of Machinery Spaces ---
UR Z23 Rev.7 Corr.1 Oct. 2022 Hull Survey for New Construction ---
UR Z1 Rev.9 Jul. 2022 Annual and intermediate classification survey coverage of IMO Resolution A.1156(32) ---
UR Z17 Rev.17 Jul. 2022 Procedural Requirements for Service Suppliers 1 Jul. 2023
UR P4 Rev.7 Jun. 2022 Production and Application of Plastic Piping Systems on Ships 1 Jul. 2023
UR M73 Rev.1 Mar. 2022 Turbochargers 1 Jan. 2023
UR Z16 Rev.4 Corr.1 May 2022 Periodical surveys of cargo installations on ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk ---
UR Z7 Rev.29 May 2022 Hull Classification Surveys 1 Jul. 2023
UR E13 Rev. 3 Corr.1 May 2022 Test requirements for Rotating Machines ---
UR Z10.4 Rev.17 May 2022 Hull Surveys of Double Hull Oil Tankers 1 Jan. 2023
UR Z10.3 Rev.20 May 2022 Hull Surveys of Chemical Tanker 1 Jan. 2023
UR E27 New Apr. 2022 Cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment 1 Jan. 2024
UR E26 New Apr. 2022 Cyber resilience of ships 1 Jan. 2024
UR Z29 New Mar. 2022 Remote Classification Surveys 1 Jan. 2023
UR W8 Rev.3 Mar. 2022 Hull and machinery steel castings 1 Jul. 2023
UR M69 Del. Mar. 2022 Qualitative Failure Analysis for Propulsion and Steering on Passenger Ships ---
UR M27 Del. Mar. 2022 Bilge level alarms for unattended machinery spaces ---
UR E25 Rev. 2 Mar. 2022 Failure detection and response of all types of steering control systems Jul. 2023
UR M42 Rev. 6 Mar. 2022 Steering Gear Jul. 2023
UR M44 Rev.10 Corr. 1 Feb. 2022 Documents for the approval of diesel engines ---
UR SC123 Rev.3 Corr.1 Feb. 2022 Machinery Installations - Service Tank Arrangements ---
UR L4 Rev.3 Corr.2 Feb. 2022 Closure of Chain Lockers ---
UR W7 Rev.4 Feb. 2022 Hull and machinery steel forgings 1 Jul. 2023
UR F15 Rev.6 Corr.1 Feb. 2022 Reinforced thickness of ballast and cargo oil piping ---
UR M61 Rev.1 Feb. 2022 Starting Arrangements of Internal Combustion Engines Jan. 2023
UR E10 Rev.8 Corr.1 Jan. 2022 Test Specification for Type Approval ---


IACS統一解釈(Unified Interpretation)

番号 改訂番号 採択日 タイトル 適用日
UI GF13 Rev.1 May 2023 Fire protection of spaces containing equipment for the fuel preparation 1 Jan. 2024
UI MPC125 Rev.1 May 2023 Technical Code on Control of Emission of Nitrogen Oxides from Marine Diesel Engines (NOx Technical Code 2008, Chapter 4, Paragraph 1 Jan. 2024
UI SC70 Rev.4 Corr.1 Apr. 2023 Cargo tank vent systems and selection of electrical equipment ---
UI SC121 Rev.2 Corr.1 Apr. 2023 Fire Pump Isolation Requirements ---
UI SC30 Rev.3 Mar. 2023 Fire-extinguishing arrangements in machinery spaces ---
UI SC138 New Corr.1 Feb. 2023 Safe Access to Tanker Bows ---
UI SC245 Rev.1 Jan. 2023 Suction and discharge piping of emergency fire pumps, which are run through the machinery space July 2023
UI SC121 Rev.2 Jan. 2023 Fire Pump Isolation Requirements July 2023
UI LL16 Rev.2 Jan. 2023 Sheer ---
UI SC120 Rev.2 Corr.1 Jan. 2023 Access to forecastle spaces on tankers ---
UI SC127 Rev.2 Corr.1 Jan. 2023 Paints, varnishes and other finishes ---
UI MPC14 Rev.3 Dec. 2022 Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 Jan. 2023
UI SC298 New Dec. 2022 Interpretations of various Performance Standards related to GMDSS radio installations Jan. 2024
UI FTP4 Rev.2 Nov. 2022 Fire resistant windows on tankers Jul. 2023
UI LL61 Del. Nov. 2022 Method of correction for the effect of free surface of liquids in tanks Nov. 2022
UI SC60 Del. Nov. 2022 Fixed deck foam systems Nov. 2022
UI SC32 Del. Nov. 2022 Fixed high expansion foam fire-extinguishing System Nov. 2022
UI SC250 New Corr.2 Nov. 2022 Fire-Extinguishing Arrangements in Cargo Spaces (IMSBC Code, as amended) ---
UI FTP2 Del. Oct. 2022 Pipe and duct penetrations Oct. 2022
UI HSC8 New Corr.1 Sep. 2022 Protection of load bearing structures ---
UI FTP5 New Corr.1 Sep. 2022 Testing and approval of “A” class divisions – fastening of insulation material and details of joints ---
UI SC198 New Corr.1 Sep. 2022 Sections in local application fire extinguishing systems ---
UI SC155 Del. Aug. 2022 Lightweight check in lieu of inclining test Jan. 2023
UI SC254 Del. Aug. 2022 Fall Preventer Devices (MSC.1/Circ.1392 and Circ.1327) Aug. 2022
UI SC217 New Corr.2 Aug. 2022 Nozzles installation for fixed water based local application fire-fighting systems for use in category A machinery spaces (MSC/Circ913) ---
UI CC6 Rev.1 Aug. 2022 Lining approved for use with acids – IBC Code item 15.11.2 Jan. 2023
UI SC297 New Aug. 2022 Amendment to stability/loading information in conjunction with the alterations of lightweight Jan. 2023
UI LL11 Rev.4 Jul. 2022 Scuppers, inlets and discharges ---
UI SC219 Rev.1 Jul. 2022 Fire Testing of Equivalent Water-Based Fire Extinguishing Systems Jul. 2023
UI SC218 Rev.1 Jul. 2022 Fire Testing of Equivalent Water-Based Fire Extinguishing Systems Jul. 2023
UI LL80 Rev.1 June 2022 Unprotected openings Jul. 2023
UI SC280 Rev.1 June 2022 Angle of down-flooding (ϕf) / Angle at which an opening incapable of being closed weathertight (θv) Jul. 2023
UI LL81 New May 2022 Deduction for superstructure and trunks Jan. 2023
UI SC161 Rev.3 May 2022 Timber deck cargo in the context of damage stability requirements Jan. 2023
UI SC204 New Corr.1 May 2022 Storage of fire-extinguishing media forward the cargo holds ---
UI SC201 Rev.1 Corr.1 May 2022 Location of paint lockers within cargo block ---
UI SC200 New Corr.1 May 2022 Container storage arrangement for equivalent fixed gas fire extinguishing systems (FSS Code, Ch. 5, 2.4) ---
UI SC296 New May 2022 Noise level limit in workshops onboard ships Jan. 2023
UI SC261 Rev.1 Apr. 2022 Interpretation of Performance Standards for voyage data recorders (VDRs) Jul. 2022
UI GC38 New Mar. 2022 Deck areas above F.O. tanks installed at the after end of the aftermost hold space 1 Jul. 2022
UI GC32 Rev.1 Feb. 2022 Outer Duct in Gas Fuel Piping Systems Jan. 2023
UI LL59 Rev.1 Corr.1 Feb. 2022 Cargo manifold gutter bars - freeing arrangements and intact stability ---
UI MPC20 Rev.1 Corr.2 Feb. 2022 Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 Regulation and 13.2.2 ---